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Saving You Valuable Time

Meet Jeremiah

Jeremiah meets with his WellPsyche provider on his lunch break, via a telehealth app on his laptop. The chat about how things are going. His provider asks him some questions about his response to his medication and they spend a few minutes discussing his sleep, appetite and upcoming trip to Thailand.

After talking over a few suggestions on how to manage his anxiety on the international flight to Thailand, Jeremiah reminds his provider that he needs to pick up his medication at a CVS closer to his work this time, instead of the one closer to his house. “Not a problem,” his provider responds as she quickly reroutes his prescription to the requested pharmacy. Jeremiah agrees to follow up again in 4 weeks when he’s home from his trip and signs off. A couple of hours later, he swings by the CVS across the street from his office and picks up his prescription on his way home.

How it works:

  • There’s no need to come into the office to get a paper prescription, take it to your pharmacy to drop off and then go back to the pharmacy again later to pick up your medication.
  • We submit your prescriptions electronically during your appointment and they are usually ready for pick up at the pharmacy of your choice that same day.
  • We are able to easily and discretely refill your medications if needed.
  • If you are traveling out of town, we can send your prescription to another pharmacy, upon request.
  • If the medication you need is out of stock at your current pharmacy, we are able to easily resend your medication to a pharmacy that does have it in stock, keeping you from waiting days or weeks for medication to arrive.

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