Running Your Psychiatric Practice Just Got Easier!

Bring your passion for patient care and we’ll take care of everything else.

"WellPsyche takes care of my administrative needs so I can focus on taking care of my patients."

Dr. Hah, psychiatrist with WellPsyche for 8 years


A Practice Designed by Providers for Providers

Are you frustrated with too little administrative support and endless demands in your current position? Maybe you are overworked and overwhelmed with managing your own practice. At WellPsyche, we believe in providing high quality, professional care from both upscale office spaces and a convenient, technology-savvy platform that allows you to conduct telehealth appointments with your patients.

See Why New Providers are Joining Everyday

Accessible Care

We manage insurance claims so you don’t have to.


Meet with other providers for support and best practices.

Growing Network

It's an exciting time to join our growing network of providers.


You are never asked to see more than two patients an hour for follow up and we never double book.

Flexible Hours

Our hours are very flexible and we offer opportunities to see patients on the weekends and in the evening hours.

Admin Support

We handle administrative support, including billing, credentialing, scheduling and patient communications.

How to Get Started

Meet with our new Provider team to get you oriented

Complete the credentialing and systems training

Start providing excellent care with world-class support


Discover a Better Way to Work

Discover a Better Way to Work

Having enough time with each patient to address their needs is as important as providing medication management. We’re committed to enriching the lives of every provider and patient.

  • We focus on outstanding care for your patients
  • You are never asked to see more than 2 patients an hour
  • Enjoy streamlined administrative and billing support
  • Relax, knowing you have access to a large network of WellPsyche providers and therapists
5 Reasons Why

By providing excellent support services and a simple online platform, WellPsyche allows therapists to focus on helping their patients become the best version of themselves.

  • Improve your workflow, patient outcomes and billing success
  • Market services and gain better online exposure and referrals
  • Maximize your time, money and clinical care
  • Increase collaboration opportunities and professional support
  • Achieve your ultimate work-life balance

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQ page at for additional questions and answers.

WellPsyche providers work both full time and part time. Our hours are very flexible and we also offer opportunities to see patients on the weekends and in the evening hours.

WellPsyche providers use our own, unique platform and EHR to document patient encounters and to communicate with administrative staff and patients outside of appointment times. WellPsyche physicians use a HIPAA compliant version of ZOOM to connect for telehealth appointments.

WellPsyche providers get incredible administrative support from our call center, administrative staff and our expert billing team. We take care of contracting and credentialling with our payors so you don’t have to. You will never be asked to schedule or reschedule your patients and will have call center support available for your patients.

We Accept Most Major Insurances

WellPsyche providers are In-Network with the following health plans: