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Understanding how our diet choices every day influence our moods, focus, stamina and sleep is critical to whole person healing and wellness. The plethora of information on diet and nutrition that we are exposed to today can be completely overwhelming. Your WellPsyche provider can order lab work that can help determine if you have certain key nutrient deficiencies that may be negatively effecting your wellness. Vitamin D deficiencies are extremely common, even in sunny climates! Chronically stressed individuals often are low in other essential nutrients such as B12 and iron which can lead to chronic fatigue and persistent mental fogginess.

It can be immensely helpful to use an app such as Chronometer for a few weeks or months. Apps like this allow you to enter all of your daily food, drink and supplement intake and then it shows you both your macronutrient and micronutrient breakdown. The Chronometer app is great because it will tell you your daily totals, along with your weekly totals. While it’s not critical to hit all macro and micronutrient goals every single day, watching your weekly trends can really help to illuminate which nutrients you are lacking and help guide both your food and supplement choices.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s nutritional needs are a little different and so it’s important to work with your provider to determine your best approach. Let your provider know if you are hoping to lose or gain weight, have more energy, or resolve digestive problems including things like heart burn, constipation, irritable bowl symptoms, stomach ulcers, binge eating or restrictive eating habits.

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