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Surround Yourself With Those Who Fill Your Heart

Who is your family? The people you live with? The people you spend the most time with? The people you are biologically related to? The answer looks different for different people but whoever your family is, these are the people you need quality time with regularly. If your family are people you live with, it can be easy to assume that the time you spend together just coming and going, transporting one another to and from activities or sharing household chores is time together. While these activities CAN be quality time together if done intentionally, these are often not the activities that promote a sense of belonging and togetherness.

Family dinners without electronics, Sunday morning rituals including gathering with faith communities, meeting up with family and friends for regular brunches or meals, and even simple family rituals like breakfast in bed and a family walk or hike can ground us and strengthen our mental health for the coming week. Children and adults alike benefit from regular, expected quality time with those we love. Rituals allow us the peace of knowing a time of renewal with those we love will happen each week and gives us all a sense of security.

Watch this powerful short TedTalk on why family meal time is so important for all of us.


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